I’m a Senior Software Engineer for EnerNOC, where I maintain our data ingestion APIs and build a lot of proof-of-concept prototypes and applications.

I work primarily in Node and Python, but have been known to jump into Java and Go projects. I’m a big Docker enthusiast, especially since it tends to reduce problems between team members with slightly different local development environments.

There was a span of six months or so when I tried to move all the applications I use onto the command line. Most didn’t stick, but I ended up pretty committed to vim and tmux in iTerm2. You can check out my dotfiles to see what other sorts of tricks and foolish ideas I use on a regular basis.


Climate Activism

I’ve been a member of the Boston Climate Action Network since November 2016 (original motivation left as an exercise to the reader.) I maintain their websites, do design work, and nominally head up the communications team, which generates messaging and content out to our members and coalition groups.

BCAN group shot


Everything Else

I’m a dad, sometimes homebrewer, cocktail enthusiast, and amateur carpenter. Truth be told though, lots of my carpentry projects end up like this, after which is usally a good time to fall back on the cocktail hobby.

I love George Eliot, Slings and Arrows, and biking to work. I double-majored in English Lit and Mathematics in college, and went on to get an MA in math.

This site is built with Jekyll and many of its design elements are stolen from Matthias Endler.